7 Tips for Choosing Your Best Massage Chair. How to Choose the Massage Chair That is Best for You?

First off, congratulations on your decision to start looking into the purchase of your first massage chair. As you’ll soon discover for yourself, there’s no doubt that installing a massage chair at home will transform your life for the better.

Yes, it’s time to cross the threshold into a healthier lifestyle. One where you can enjoy the moments of complete relaxation, reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure and muscles that are less tight. If there’s just one piece of advice that we can give you – we’d say to get it right first time and don't buy a massage chair you don't like and feel reluctant using it.

Of course, the massage chair is a great investment to good health, but only if you choose one that is of exceptional quality. Whether you have health conditions or not, the massage chair will soon become one of your favourite purchases ever. It will be there for you when you come from a tough day at the office, a challenging day of gardening or even a long car drive that has made you feel as stiff as a board.

You’ll soon feel better than you can imagine as not only does it help with medical improvements such as increasing the lymph flow, but it will also trigger the production of endorphins which will give you that fabulous sense of wellbeing when you’re happy to be alive and roaring to go.

Explore the Weyron massage chair range

Whilst you’re here on the site, why don’t you check out our range of massage chairs.

Something that most of our customers enjoy is that our massage chairs are designed to deliver massages of all types. Whether you’re looking for a Shiatsu deep tissue massage or just a quick neck and shoulder rub, you’re in for a treat. There are a number of functions that you can set to your preferences.

If you’re a sportsperson and you sometimes suffer from injuries, or your time at the gym gives you the occasional muscle problem, then you’ll really enjoy what our chairs can do for you.

To get you on the right road with choosing your best massage chair, we’ve got a few tips for you:

1. Try before you buy

Nothing compares with seeing the massage chair in person, sitting on it and getting the feel and comfort. The features written on websites and the aesthetics/colour of the chair should be only your second criteria of comparison. You do not want a massage chair with lots of features that get your health worse rather than improving it. We have compared the market and we know that there are some bad and very bad massage chairs on the market with generic movements of the rollers, harsh foot massage and noisier than a tractor. The ideal massage chair should be quiet, comfortable, have smart movements of the rollers and synchronised airbags. If you cannot travel around the country we guarantee that all our massage chairs are very comfortable, don’t hurt, are very silent and built with your health benefits in mind. The massage chair showrooms in UK are not next to each other so you can try all massage chairs in one go and is good to go to a showroom that has many models that you can compare, you like the look of at least one model, your desired colour is in stock, and lastly it is in your budget.

2. The warranty and after sale service

The massage chairs clearly don’t come cheap and if they do, there is always a catch. Ask the manufacturer or reseller about the length of the warranty, how this is honoured and by who? Do they have an in-house engineer, or will they send a third party? Are they fixing the chair in your home or they will ask you to send the 120kg massage chair back for repair? What happens after the warranty? Do they hold parts in stock or they need to order from the factory? How quick they can fix in case something goes wrong? How efficient are they in troubleshooting the problems?

Weyron made it clear on warranty, after warranty and after sale. Every single purchase comes with three years limited warranty (subject to our T&C). There is an option to extend the warranty to four and five years at the time of purchase. We have in-house engineers and have all easy braking parts for all Weyron chairs in stock and we carry our repairs in the customer home (Mainland only). Our new models have error codes that are displayed on the remote control if the chair brake, making it easier to troubleshoot and repair. We can also repair the chair after the warranty for a cost.

We recommend to stay away from sellers that will promise 10 or 20 years warranty on a 2K massage chair. If it sounds too good to be true, then probably it is too good to be true. Never buy a chair with ‘’return to base warranty’’. Shipping for such big product is very expensive. Be aware before you buy.

3. Know the seller/manufacturer reputation

Before you committing to invest in your best massage chair, you need to know who you buy from. Do they have brick and mortar shop/showroom or are they just selling online?

Is nothing wrong with buying a massage chair online if you trust who you buy from, but we have seen so many fly-by-night online sellers that come in the business and go in first few months. Of course, every business has to start somewhere but you need to know that if something goes wrong with your massage chair, there is someone you can call and get your chair repaired, or if you aren’t fully satisfied with the quality of the product you are getting your money back.

Also online only sellers would never be able to learn and adapt the products according to customer preferences. Weyron listen to the needs and suggestions of every single customer that come in our showroom over the years and change or improve our products based on customers recommendation.

4. Be your own doctor. You know what you need better than anybody else. You’ll know if you have problems with your back, your neck or even blood circulation that isn’t what it could be. You’ll also know which massage techniques are the best for your condition and most suit your preferences – whether it’s the rolling, kneading, tapping, finger backrub or Japanese shiatsu. You’ll also know how you prefer to receive your foot massage. If you’re buying a massage chair for the family, then think foremost about who is likely to benefit the most for it. Consider their height and purchase one that will suit their needs. Also know that when you first sit in the chair for your first ever massage, you will experience it differently to how you will after some time. Initially you may be very sensitive to it. As time goes on, you will want a massage that is stronger.

5. Long term gain or short-term pain? Are you looking to relieve a very painful symptom that you currently have or are you on the lookout for the massage chair that can last you a lifetime? If it’s the latter, you may want to be sure that you get a quality chair that has a longer warranty and well-built components.

6. Most important features.

We recommend that you start writing a list of what you want to get out of your massage chair. Which features do you want it to have? Are you looking just to get a back massage, or do you want the full Monty? Once you have you list, then prioritise it to make it easier for you to select. Not every massage chair will match your list, and you may need to make some compromise to get the closest match. All our massage chairs come as standard with zero gravity, heating, super long - neck to hamstring roller system, foot rollers, full body airbags compression, space saving zero-to-wall, body scanning and yoga stretching. Most probably there is nothing more you need for an amazing full body massage in the comfort of your own home.

7. Evaluate and compare massage chairs. Once you have shortlisted a few massage chairs that you like, it’s time to weigh up all the info. Who is going to use it and what for? Does the chair have something specific that will help with your health issues or wellbeing? If you can, try to arrange a test of your favourite chair so that you can feel what it’s like in action.

Now you should be in the most knowledgeable position to make your choice with regards to which massage chair is the best one for you. If you need any further advice or have any questions that we can help you with, contact us for a no obligation chat. Our experts will help you choose the massage chair that is right for you and for your needs even if you cannot try it out.

Watch the following videos to find the features of the most affordable UK massahe chairs

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