Massage Chair - Weyron Vogue
Experience and feel the difference in one of the most advanced massage chair today. The Vogue massage chair delivers a timeless blend of technology, relaxation and style. Equipped with the high definition 3D twin rollers that imitate the human thumbs and the ability to adjust so the user can enjoy a range of massage intensities, the Vogue is the relaxation at your fingertips. Using the unique Weyron's slide rail technology that conform the natural "S" shape curve of human spine the Vogue will truly reach all of those nerves and effectively soothe stress, alleviate pain and tension, and provide a deep sense of long-lasting comfort and good feel. Completed with the latest tools like reflexology foot rollers, calf rollers, super long slide rail that travel from neck all the way down to glutes, zero gravity, spinal decompression strech, heat and many more, the Vogue is ready to compete with any other top range massage chair and will set itself apart.

Weyron Vogue Massage Chair

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  • Relax into Wellness with our Range of Massage Chairs 
    Imagine having your own personal professional masseuse, ready to leap into action at the touch of a button.
    When you relax into your ergonomic massage chair, take a deep relaxing breath and select one of the pre-programmed massage settings, you won’t need to imagine. Because you’ll experience the sort of massage that a health spa would be proud of – right in the comfort of your own home.
    The Weyron range of massage chairs uses industry-leading technology to provide high-definition massage. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, or you need to loosen up your muscles after your latest sporting achievement, our range of chairs contain the most advanced automatic massage technologies available in the UK today.