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Weyron Massage Chair

Weyron Felicity Massage Chair

Incorporating the very latest Japanese massage chair technology, the Weyron Felicity massage chair will bring relaxation into everyday living. Its state-of-the-art, slow-motion back rollers mechanism is specially designed to work on those hard-to-reach spots on the back, neck, shoulders, and glutes, relaxing the tight and painful muscles. Its unique head massager offers powerfully refreshing wave-like kneading, foot rollers help stimulate the reflexology points located on the sole, while smartly synchronized airbags increase blood circulation and help you achieve a healthy body posture. Every single massage will be a luxury spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Give yourself just 20 minutes a day in the Felicity massage chair and you will experience a higher level of total well-being.

Amazing therapeutic benefits
Good for everyone
Back Massage for relaxation
running after massage

A Weyron massage chair is customized to provide you with exactly what you deserve—moments of calm and relaxation,  improved health, and wellness. 

Dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the Weyron massage chair is everyone's natural energy booster. Everyone is welcome to experience the New World of Therapeutic Massage. 

What kind of people need the relaxation massage?

Over 18 only

Let's relax with Felicity massage chair!

Massage Chair Major Features

Body Sensing
Weyron Massage chair body scanning
Zero gravity massage chair

This massage chair using sensors to learn your body shape and size and adapt its rollers accordingly while massaging, saving the time for scanning at the beginning. This massage chair has the ability to accommodate users from 5' up to 6'3'' tall.

The Zero Gravity experience bring the human body in the most natural, relaxing position, reducing pressure on the spine and heart, oxygenating the brain and other organs, eliminating fatigue, and improve the quality of sleep.

Super Long Massage Track 51" L/S
Optional Head Massage
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

The super-long curved rail track syncs perfectly with the shape of the human body. The rollers accurately detect and stimulate all the nerves that retain tension, eliminating fatigue and give long-lasting comfort and a good feeling

Airbags located at the forehead, temples, and  back of the head, inflate successively or simultaneously to offer a soothing wave-like

kneading to smooth away tension. There are two silicone balls at the base of the skull that massage the sub occipitals, where the tension often builds. The head intensity can be adjusted in three stages.

Neck&Shoulders Massage
Stretch Flex
massage chair airbags
massage chair stretching function

Probably the best neck and shoulder massage in the world. The rollers can extend 12.5cm touching the hard-to-reach points that other massage chairs cannot. If these points aren't located, the pain can't be released. The rollers can effectively knead the route between the back of the skull to the shoulders just like a licensed masseuse.

The stretching function allows relaxation and comfort. Smartly synchronized airbags twist the pelvis to increase flexibility, the chair makes see-saw movements and stretches the whole body, while the rollers practically push up the chest and spine easing breathing and decompressing the spine.

Hand Massage
Foot Rollers
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair
massage chair with foot rollers

The deep kneading motion of the three-layered hand airbags squeezes and releases rhythmically mimicking the motion of real hands to promote blood circulation and help to reduce the pain and stiffness.

The foot is our second heart. Taking care of the foot is the biggest step we can take to improve overall health. Rolling forward and backward will stimulate the multiple reflexology points that correspond to body organs. Airbags squeeze and pump up the oxygen-rich blood to the heart, brain and other organs.

5D Lifelike Technology
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair
151517508224203646 (7)_edited.jpg

Full body heat massage provides an effective healing experience. Heating has a sedative effect that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and prompt relaxation. The heat is also known to allow blood vessels to expand, encouraging blood flow through the body. The Felicity provides heat at the waist, seat, and hands. There is also a portable heated cushion that can be placed on the chest, stomach, or knees.

5D is the latest technology that offers the most pleasurable feel -  more lifelike, more precise, more intense. The extra movements of the rollers combined with constant changing of speed, width, and depth get the massage experience to a whole new level. The older version of massage chairs will never match this Ultra HD real massage technology.

Massage Chair Skills

Knead Up
Stretch Rolling
Sideways Knead 
Stretch Kneading
Wave Rolling



Finance your massage chair

12 months interest free credit offer available


deposit from 10%-50%

Subject to approval

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