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Weyron Massage Chairs UK is extremely pleased to introduce the All-New Master-Supreme massage chair. This sophisticated massage chair opens up a new world of comfort and relaxation. It offers the latest technology the market has to offer today including calf kneading massage rollers, AI 6D Ultra High Definition Back Rollers, tighs and calves shaking for relieving muscle tension, long rollers track L/S, reflexology foot rollers, zero gravity, double heat, and the list only continue. Its 102 airbags will gently squeeze and circulate each drop of your blood and the gentle rocking motion will get your body into a deeply tranquil state. Once you've rejuvenated you'll experience a higher sense of confidence, balance, and motivation-all you need to be at your best.



WEYRON Master-Supreme 6D AI Japan Massage Chair Technology

£11,295.00 Regular Price
£6,295.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Width-81cm

    Width dismantled - 63cm

    Length upright - 150cm

    Length reclined - 185cm

    Space required behind - 1cm

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