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Weyron Massage Chair

Weyron Grand-Royal Massage Chair

Weyron Grand-Royal Massage Chair

£8,495.00Regular Price£5,295.00Sale Price

Massage Chair Weyron Grand-Royal

The All New innovation, King-Royal massage chair deliver the most powerful therapy and shooting comfort the human body has ever experienced.  This groundbreaking massage chair is based on the theory that massaging the twelve body meridians activates the smooth functioning between Yin&Yang  that helps maintain the good health and balance of the human body. Operating a 57'' rollers stroke length track, this chair soothes from neck and shoulders down and under to include the glutes and thighs. Eight heated back rollers, foot rollers with scrapping function, full body wrap synchronised multi-layer airbags system, makes the Grand Royal the first of its kind.

New 2021 version now available

Grand-Royal Massage Chair

Dream, Emotion and Passion of Weyron

Amazing therapeutic benefits
Good for everyone

A Weyron massage chair is customized to provide you with exactly what you deserve—moments of calm and relaxation,  improved health, and wellness. 

Dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the Weyron massage chair is everyone's natural energy booster. Everyone is welcome to experience the New World of Therapeutic Massage. 

What kind of people need the relaxation massage?

Over 18 only

Let's relax with Grand-Royal massage chair!

Massage Chair Features

Body Scanning

Using the bionic intelligent detection system, King Royal can detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttock to provide more accurate, deeper massage customized according to the user's height. This massage chair has the ability accommodate users from 5'1'' up to 6'5'' tall.

The Zero Gravity  experience bring the human body in the most natural, relaxing position, reducing pressure on the spine and heart, oxygenating the brain and other organs, eliminating fatigue and improve quality of sleep.

Super Long Massage Track 57" L/S
Foot Rollers

The super long curved rail track syncs perfectly with the shape of human body. The rollers accurately detect and stimulate all the nerves that retain tension, eliminating fatigue and give long lasting comfort and good feeling

Foot is our second heart. Taking care of the foot is the biggest step we can take to improve the overall health. Scrapping and fast reversal technique heated rollers will stimulate the multiple reflexology points that correspond to body organs. Airbags squeeze and pump up the oxygen reach blood to heart, brain and other organs.

Compression Massage Therapy
Yoga Stretch

With the full body airbags surrounding massage and unique palm squeezing simulation technique, this chair provides a delicate and soft air pressure promoting the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints and eliminating fatigue. King Royal employs 68 triple layer airbags system that is the equivalent of 204 regular airbags.

Stretching function allow  the relaxation and comfort. Smartly synchronized airbags twist the pelvis to increase flexibility, the chair makes see-saw movements and stretches the whole body, while the rollers practically push up the chest and spine easing breathing and decompressing  the spine.

Space Saving
Warm Hand Feel

The King Royal massage chair can be placed very close to the wall. Unlike other massage chairs, it slide forward wasting minimal space between the wall and the chair.

Full body heat massage provide an effective healing experience. Heating have sedative effect that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and prompt relaxation. The heat is also known to allow blood vessels to expand, encouraging blood flow through the body.

Neck Massage
5D Ultra High Definition Massage

Master techniques applied on neck and shoulders oxygenate the brain, relieve stress and stiffness, keeping the body balanced, refreshed and revived.

The humanistic feel rollers massaging from multi angles reaching accurately the pressure points located along the spine. Patented multi angles and long massage stroke number: ZL 2014 1 0019379.0

Professional Massage - 24 automatic programs to choose from, developed by experienced massage therapists plus 5000+ other programs tailored to the user

Spot Massage - The user can choose  separate area that the chair focus on, thus can make separate massage on waist, neck, upper or lower body. The intensity can be adjusted separately on foot or upper body creating a more personalised massage.

Strict Quality Control - Weyron Grand Royal is built using the finest materials like best steel, best silent Japanese brushless motors. For instance the metal frame is made to withstand for 50 years.

Each component is tested rigorously to meet certain standards. There are five major testing categories and 169 inspection procedures for such a massage chair. Weyron pursuit the perfect quality to provide its customers with one of a kind memorable experience. 

Music Therapy
User Friendly Control

Two high quality built in speakers  connect through Bluetooth. The massage is customized according to the music played helping, relax the body and soothe the soul.

Can easily be controlled with the tablet connected through Bluetooth via the App or from the side panel quick controller.

Massage Chair Skills

Weyron Grand-Royal Massage Chair

Weyron Grand-Royal Massage Chair

£8,495.00Regular Price£5,295.00Sale Price
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