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Massage Chair Weyron Grand-Royal  View Brochure 

The All New innovation, Grand-Royal massage chair deliver the most powerful therapy and shooting comfort the human body has ever experienced.

 This groundbreaking massage chair is based on the theory that massaging the twelve body meridians activates the smooth functioning between Yin&Yang  that helps maintain the good health and balance of the human body. Operating a 54'' rollers stroke lenght track, this chair shootes from neck and shoulders down and under to include the glutes and thighs.

Quad heated back rollers, foot rollers with scrapping function, full body wrap syncronised multilayer airbags system, makes the Grand Royal the first of it's kind. 

WEYRON Grand-Royal 5D A.i. Massage Chair Japan Massage Chair Technology

£9,995.00 Regular Price
£5,195.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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