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Where to Place Your Weyron Massage Chair. Will it Fit Through my Doors? Can I Take my Massage

If you’ve been considering buying a massage chair don’t know where to place it, then read on. We’ve got some great tips and guidance for you.

massage chair showroom Weyron United Kingdom

There’s no doubt about it, houses in the UK aren’t usually mansion-sized. In fact, they tend to be rather on the small size. No matter how big or small your house is, sure you have had a situation when the space was problematic.

If you live in a house that’s not very spacious, then you may be wondering where you can fit a Weyron massage chair into the plan.

Our massage chairs are designed for small spaces

Fortunately, the Weyron massage chair designers had small spaces in mind when they put their pens to the drawing board. Weyron chairs are designed to fit into homes that don’t offer a lot of space.

massage chair with space saving

On the image that i added here, you can see that although they lay back for you to be able to relax in a reclined position, it’s not through extending at the rear. Instead they tip forwards at the bottom front, so that the recline position can be taken without needing to move the massage chair away from the wall.

With this tipping forward, the chair is then able to be placed in the smallest of bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, conservatory, attic or even study. Wherever you have space to put an armchair and sit in it, then the Weyron should be able to fit.

Narrow chairs that fit through door frames and have wheels

Another design feature at the heart of why the Weyron is such a popular massage chair is the narrowness of the chair when the armrests are detached. There is no problem with moving the massage chair through door frames. In fact, this is part of the reason the armrests are detachable, so that it retains its narrowness to keep it convenient and easy to move around the home. What’s more, the leg rest and some other parts are easily detachable, so you can move the chair in your home as you would drive a pushcart. The massage chairs brought in the UK from abroad are usually built as one piece and is very hard or impossible to get it indoors or upstairs.

Our designers have ensured the narrowness by limiting our massage chairs to being just 73cm (no armrests) on the widest model. The narrowest model is 65cm. Very hard to find massage chairs that narrow. In fact, we couldn’t find any when we had a look for them and most of them were about 90cm.

In tests, our massage chairs fit through the doorways of most homes of the UK. Weyron offer as well a delivery service with dedicated vehicles so our team will get the massage chair indoors, place it to the room of your choice and install it for you. If your door is very small they know how to twist it and get it in. We even had our designers put wheels on the chairs so that you can move the chair easily from one room to another. For example, if you store the chair under the stairs but you prefer to move it in your study, then you can easily.

If you want to browse our chairs, take a look at them here. If you have any questions, please contact us, we’re happy to have a no obligation chat about your needs and preferences when it comes to massage chairs. We’re here to help and happy to do so.

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