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Why We Love the Weyron Cocoon Massage Chair and You Will Too?

The Weyron Cocoon massage chair is designed for style, and designed to deliver one of the best massages you’ll ever experience in an affordable massage chair.

Weyron Cocoon Massage Chair

Forget everything you’ve heard about massage chairs in the past. They’ve changed beyond recognition and are no longer the stiff, uncomfortable chairs that you may have seen years ago in a department store on a trip to New York.

The Brits have located some of the most innovative Japanese technology designers and have revolutionised this object to be something truly out of this world. Now with the high-quality build that you could expect only from a British company and products with some of the most advanced and truly silent Japanese motors, Weyron have released a new collection of massage chairs that you have to see and experience for yourself.

Meet the Cocoon massage chair

Newest and perhaps one of the most majestic in the Weyron stable is the Cocoon Massage Chair. Designed with the goal of delivering the most revitalising and refreshing massage possible, the Cocoon is known for delivering one of the longest massage stroke available from a chair. The rollers run from the top of your neck, down your body to the top of your hamstrings.

Not surprisingly, this extra long stroke means that more of the body will enjoy being refreshed and soothed than with any other massage chair. In fact, by about an extra 40%.

Something else that we love about the design of this chair is that it uses the same zero gravity system that NASA uses on its seats. Just as astronauts go into space weightless, the Cocoon massage chair takes the strain as it leans back to cradle you into the most relaxed of positions.

You’ll be supported as the chair lulls you and rocks you to the most relaxed angle possible with any massage chair. The Cocoon is a chair that offers the ultimate when it comes to comfort, luxury and of course, the most stylish and revolutionary of designs on the market. You’ll feel proud to show this massage chair to friends and family when they enter your home.

Friends and family will most probably want to try the Cocoon for themselves. If you’re feeling generous, you may allow them to take a seat and enjoy what you love so much every evening.

They can sit back and experience the body scanning and acupressure points detection system as it measures their body to ensure that the most perfectly accurate massage can be delivered.

This is the best affordable massage chair currently on the UK market. To try it for yourself, contact us today.

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