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The Cocoon is the king of all massage chairs available to buy in the UK, delivering a truly revitalising massage every time. This particular massage chair delivers the longest massage stroke ever brought to the market, from the top of the neck right down to the top of your hamstrings. Using the The Weyron massage chair will refresh, recharge and revive 40% more of the body than any other chair on the market.
This massage chair uses NASA’s principles of zero gravity seats. In action, this chair mimics the weightless experience astronauts encounter in space, getting the body to release all weight and tension into the chair and relieving stress and muscle tension. The legs remain higher than the body during this massage to optimise circulation and blood flow, allowing for the most relaxing massage chair experience.
If you choose this massage chair, you are investing in true comfort and quality. The Cocoon is a symphony of style, technology and relaxation

WEYRON Cocoon 3D - Japan Technology Massage Chair

£5,495.00 Regular Price
£2,595.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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