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Weyron Massage Chair

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                                                                                                                 Weyron Harmony Massage Chair

Weyron Massage chairs is extremely pleased to introduce the All-New Harmony massage chair. This sophisticated massage chair opens up a new world of comfort and relaxation. It offers the latest technology the market has to offer today including calf kneading massage rollers, temple compression massage, Bluetooth app, long rollers track L/S, reflexology foot rollers, zero gravity, full body heat and the list only continue. It's 102 airbags will gently squeeze and circulate each drop of your blood and the gentle rocking motion will get your body into a deep tranquility state. Once you've rejuvenate you'll experience a higher sense of confidence, balance and motivation-all you need to be at your best.




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Amazing therapeutic benefits
Good for everyone
Back Massage for relaxation
running after massage

A Weyron massage chair is customized to provide you with exactly what you deserve—moments of calm and relaxation,  improved health, and wellness. 

Dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the Weyron massage chair is everyone's natural energy booster. Everyone is welcome to experience the New World of Therapeutic Massage. 

What kind of people need the relaxation massage?

Over 18 only

Let's relax with Harmony massage chair!


Massage Chair Major Features

Body Sensing
Weyron Massage chair body scanning

This massage chair using sensors to learn your body shape and size and adapt its  rollers accordingly while massaging, saving the time for scanning at the beginning. This massage chair has the ability accommodate users from 5' up to 6'5'' tall.

Zero gravity massage chair

The Zero Gravity  experience bring the human body in the most natural, relaxing position, reducing pressure on the spine and heart, oxygenating the brain and other organs, eliminating fatigue and improve quality of sleep.

Super Long Massage Track 51" L/S
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

The super long curved rail track syncs perfectly with the shape of human body. The rollers accurately detect and stimulate all the nerves that retain tension, eliminating fatigue and give long lasting comfort and good feeling

Head Massage
massage chair with foot rollers

The U shape style head massager offer a powerfully relaxing massage therapy to temples to ease headaches and tension. The Intensity can be adjusted in six levels according to everyone preference. 

Neck & Shoulders Massage
Stretch Flex
massage chair airbags
massage chair stretching function

The Harmony massage chair provide a deep and  accurate massage on the neck and shoulder that will help combat the stress, eliminate fatigue and improve brain's functions.

Stretching function allow  the relaxation and comfort. Airbags grab the shoulders and the foot, the chair makes see-saw movements and stretches the whole body, while the rollers practically push up the chest and spine easing breathing and decompressing  the spine.

Shoulder Airbags
3d 4d 5d massage chair

The most advanced shoulders airbag system employed by Harmony massage chair allows for a firm shoulder retraction. Smartly synchronized with the roller mechanism that push up the chest, offers the most advanced spinal correction, helping the user achieve a healthy straight and tall posture. 

Pelvis airbags
Neck massage  in massage chair

Airbags located on each side of the pelvis, squeeze  gently to promote blood circulation and oxygen absorption in this region, also encourage pelvic bones and muscles into proper alignment. There is a large airbags that inflate and gently massage the hamstring tendons.

Hand Massage
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

The deep kneading motion of the three layered hand airbags squeeze and release rhythmically mimicking the motion of real hands to promote blood circulation and help reducing the trigger points.

Foot and Calf Rollers
massage chair with foot rollers

Foot is our second heart. Taking care of the foot is the biggest step we can take to improve the overall health. The rolling function will stimulate the multiple reflexology points that correspond to body organs. Airbags squeeze and pump up the oxygen rich blood to heart, brain and other organs.

Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

Full body heat massage provide an effective healing experience. Heating have sedative effect that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and prompt relaxation. The heat is also known to allow blood vessels to expand, encouraging blood flow through the body. The Harmony provides heat at the waist, seat, hands and ankles.

5D Life-like Technology
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

5D is the latest technology that offer the most pleasurable feel -  more lifelike, more precise, more intense. The extra movements of the rollers combined with constant changing of  speed, width and depth gets the massage experience to a whole new level. The older version of massage chairs will never match this Ultra HD real massage technology.

Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

Do you remember  when you were being tenderly held and rocked in you mother's arms? How will that make you feel now? You will be able to recapture those moments in the Harmony massage chair. Gently relaxing rocking motions will bring back the unforgettable memories. Just like in a dream.

Space Saving Technology
Weyron long roller coverage in the massage chair

The Harmony massage chair can be placed very close to the wall. The massage chair slide forward and then recline wasting minimal space between the wall and the chair saving approximately 20 inches in comparison to a traditional massage chair. 

Music Sync
massage chair with music mp3 bluetooth

Four high quality built in speakers  connect through Bluetooth.  The Harmony can be remotely controlled via iOS or Android app that can be easily installed on your phone or tablet or with the built in controller.

Feet Swaying
massage chair controler tablet

The foot and calf airbags push the feet gently from side to side scraping your soles on the rollers and creating the effect of walking barefoot on soft peebles.

Massage Chair Skills

Knead Up
Sideways Knead 
Stretch Rolling
Stretch Kneading
Wave Rolling

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Finance your massage chair

12 months interest free credit offer available


deposit from 10%-50%

Subject to approval

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