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What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair and The Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are on the market for a massage chair, you've probably came across with the term Zero Gravity. So here we explain what is Zero Gravity, it's benefits and what feels like relaxing in the Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

Massage Chair Zero Gravity

The chair will place human body in the most relaxing weightless position, when all the human body weight and tension are released on to the chair. The immediate benefits of having a relaxing massage in a Zero Gravity massage chair are the promotion of blood circulation by raising the knees above the heart level, the reduction of the heart rate, release of tension from the spine, decompressing each disc. allowing nutrient rich fluid to enter into the tissue and the reduction of heart rate.

As well the zero gravity enhances the benefits of the other features that the modern massage chairs have. For example airbag compression therapy and back rolling strokes that encourage the lymphatic drainage (detox) and transport oxygen and nutrients to cells.

The difference between a Zero Gravity massage chair and a regular chair

The massage chairs that has no zero gravity function are now considered old fashioned. They will still be able to lay your body flat but not at the correct angle so will be more like you are seating in the bed rather than in floating experience.

All Weyron massage chairs have the zero gravity function and if you are looking to try it yourself why not pay us a visit in our Milton Keynes showroom.

Zerp gravity massage chair

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