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Best Massage Chairs Side to Side Weyron King-Royal vs Inada Sogno Dreamwave® Massage Chair Part 1

Inada Dreamwave® massage chair was launched in 2011 and it was a big success at that time. But how it compares with other massage chairs on the market? Is Inada dreamwave® the real best massage chair or is best because of intensive marketing and promotion? Here we do an extensive comparison on the King Royal massage chair and Inada Dreamwave® to help you decide which is the best massage chair in the UK or in the world and point some advantages or disadvantages between the two chairs.

Here is the difference and the major features found on King Royal that are missing on Inada Dreamwave®.

Space saving Technology

The Important feature that Inada Dreamwave® is lacking is the space saving technology. Providing that when it reclines it falls back and you need to allow some space between the wall and the chair and will literally take up almost the entire room. The Dreamwave® full length when reclines is about 2.2 metres. Adding the space needed behind, it gets very close to three metres (measurements taken from Inada® brochure).

The King Royal will slide forward and then recline saving about 0.7 square metres in space. When is resetting to the original position the King Royal will use just little more space than a regular armchair. Even though the King Royal is still a big massage chair will not need more than 210cm from the wall.

A great feature if the space is limited or if you are thinking of placing the chair in your spare room which is usually very small in United Kingdom.

No glutes or hamstrings massage

The Dreamwave® chair will massage from the neck to the waist and that's where is stops while the King Royal will cover glutes and entire hamstrings. It has the total stroke length of 53'' that start at the top of the head and end at the hamstrings. Probably the longest you could find in any massage chair.

Massage chair Technology

So the massage coverage done by back rollers is about 30% more on the King Royal than the Dreamwave®

No reflexology foot rollers

Foot reflexology is a new feature added in recent years in the high end massage chairs. We all know that the foot is our second heart and taking care of the foot will boost our overall health and well-being. There are vast reflexology points located on the sole of the feet that correspond with different body organs. Also this foot rollers are extremely efficient on pumping the blood up from foot towards the body refreshing the foot and making you feel light. The Dreamwave® is lacking this very important feature that we believe is a must if you are on your feet all day or for very long periods of time.

The King Royal comes equipped with heated foot rollers that suddenly changing the direction of rolling (newest and probably the best in the industry). The feet is also fully surrounded in the airbags in the King Royal while the Dreamwave® is missing an airbag on top.

Seat Swaying-Inada's ''DreamWave''® Technology

The King Royal doesn't have a motorised seat swaying function but instead, for posture correction and to increase the flexibility of the pelvic region, the King-Royal is making use of airbags. There are two big airbags behind that waist, two big airbags behind the seat that synchronise with the hip airbags and shoulder airbags that twist the waist and back to align the spine

massage chair waist twist

Rollers mechanism

While the Dreamwave® is using a four rollers mechanism, the King Royal has a heated eight roller mechanism that will provide more coverage at the time. Four rollers are at the bottom of the mechanism, two rollers in the middle that focus continuously close to the spine and two at the very top that will reach high into the neck and shoulders. While the mechanism on both chairs are powered by airbags to push the roller on the back or retract the rollers the King Royal has also the ability to automatically change the speed of the rollers from fast to slow and from slow to fast, changing the angles from which the rollers hit as well as intensity. Many massage chair manufacturers called this feature 5D or Holographic Feel

weyron King Royal massage chair with jade stone rollers


For whatever reason unknown by us the Inada Dreamwave® is lacking the Zero Gravity feature

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