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Weyron King Royal vs Inada Dreamwave® Massage Chair Comparison Part 2

For whatever reason unknown by us the Inada Dreamwave® massage chair is lacking the Zero Gravity feature. So, without being subjective, we have to say that the King Royal is at big advantage being a Zero Gravity chair. What's more, the King Royal is the only Zero Gravity massage chair in the United Kingdom that can also lay flat as a bed so the user can easily sleep in the chair.

To read the benefits of the zero gravity please click this link

Zero Gravity King Royal Massage Chair

Real Leather

Both massage chairs mentioned are made of real leather. The KR comes in real leather as standard, while for Inada Dreamwave® massage chair you will need to pay a premium to upgrade from synthetic to real leather.

King Royal Real Leather Massage Chair

Music Function

Inada Dreamwave® doesn't have the music function. Not a deal breaker for many massage chair prospective buyers but the KR have built in speakers that connect through Bluetooth and a specifically preset program called Rhythm Sync that massages the user body according to the mood of the user and music played. So we believe the music is good to have feature during the relaxation therapy.

Airbags Compression Therapy

As the massage chair airbags squeezing and releasing the muscles of the user just like a professional masseuse this feature is a must in the massage chair just for many benefits it provides like blood circulation,

Both chairs have many airbags placed and synchronised strategically to boost your health. The Dreamwave® has just over 100 airbags and KR has 204 airbags that are positioned one on top of another in triple layer (first layer big, second medium and third small) to mimic perfectly the squeezing of human hands.

The Dreamwage® has an airbag that massages the biceps that is missing in King Royal.

On part 3 we will talk about head massage neck massage and other little differences between the chairs.

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