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Compare Weyron King Royal Massage Chair vs Inada Dreamwave® Part 3

Another feature that cannot be found on Inada Dreamwave® Massage chair is the head massager. King Royal massage chair comes with the head&eye massager that mimics the finger pressing of the temples (Japanese shiatsu), gently compressing the skull, forehead, suboccipital trigger points and eyes. On top of the head there is a silicon pad on which are attached multiple silicone pins that mimics the shiatsu finger pressing. It has heating function, magnetic therapy and vibration. The Inada® has an airbag system that massages the back of the skull only.

Massage Chair Head Massage

Neck Massage

The neck massage on the two massage chairs is totally different. While the Inada Dreamwave® employ a system made with airbags that squeeze the neck and shoulders called Cervical Traction Device, the massage on the neck and shoulders on King Royal are performed by rollers that will penetrate deep on to the user neck and shoulders. Here the difference is the actual preference of the user. Inada Dreamwave® will give a gentle massage on neck while KR will be more on the deep tissue side. On the King Royal you can drop or increase the intensity of the rollers in five levels or flip/fold over the pillow to strengthen/soften the massage on the neck.

King Royal Massage chair neck massage

Body Scanning Technology

Both Dreamwave® and King Royal feature the most accurate and advanced body scanning. The user can fine tune the scanning as well. For instance on King Royal you can set the rollers to start higher at the top of your head or from any other lower part according to your needs (ideal for people with neck injuries as once the rollers are set to start from lower points they will not go high on the neck anymore during the program)

king royal massage chair body scanning

Stretching Function

The stretch on both chair is pretty much similar as both chairs grab the shoulders and the foot with the airbags and pull arching the spine. Simultaneously the rollers press on the torso, waist and back to decompress the spine. The added bonus on the King Royal is the ankle stretch. The airbags grab the calf section and foot section and both sections move on different directions stretching the ankle

Other differences

Number of preset programs:

Inada Dreamwave® has eight main programs and another variation of this eight original programs. Total 16.

King Royal has 15 totally different programs and another manual where you can customise your own therapy.

User Experience

They both have extensive user manual that will guide you how to use the chair and make the most of your product. Both have handheld controller but on the King Royal you can also control the massage chair remotely via a mobile app found on Google Play or App store.

Height Range

The King Royal has a user height range between 4'7'' to 6'7'' but a disadvantage is that if your foot size is over 13.5 it may feel tight. The Dreamwave® has a range between 4'11'' to 6'5''.

There are for sure many subtle differences that are less noteworthy, but nonetheless important. i.e. King Royal has negative ION release function, waterfall effect clicking sound, chromotherapy lights that changing the colour etc or the Dreamwave has vibration, just to name few.


We hope this helps you with your comparison and decision making process and we recommend that you are not just take someone's word saying that one massage chair is the world's best massage chair just because one company or another claiming so, or the marketing hype is big that makes customers believe in the world's best massage chair. Better way to do a comparison on features and decide what chair works best for your needs, budget, space and so on. Almost every massage chair company is claiming that THEY have got the best massage chair. Ideally will be for you to have the opportunity to try before you buy. And remember - The World's Best Massage Chair is THE ONE THAT'S BEST FOR YOU AND SUITABLE TO YOUR NEEDS AND PREFERENCES.

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