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Are Weyron Massage Chairs Good for Lymphatic Drainage? Why Draining the Lymph is so Important for Yo

Weyron Symphony massage chair

A process that is very important for good health is the practice of lymphatic drainage. This is an area of body maintenance that Weyron massage chairs have been designed to handle very efficiently. Read on to discover why it’s essential that regular lymphatic drainage is practised and what it can do for you.

The lymph system it’s a fundamental part of our wellbeing. It’s a primary piece of our immune systems and continually works at keeping us healthy by eliminating toxins and bacteria from our bodies.

If it wasn’t there, our bodies would be swollen as our cells would be full of stagnant fluid. It’s impact on our good health is so far reaching that many of us don’t realise that a stagnant lymphatic system is often at the bottom of us having low energy, a susceptibility to catching flu and colds and even minor aches and pains.

What is lymphatic drainage?

The lymph is a liquid that is part of our circulation system. It’s not the same as blood circulation, it is part of the filtering system that keeps our bodies clean of waste products, viruses, bacteria and dead cells in addition to water and fats.

Unlike the blood that has a motor (the heart) that helps it circulate through the veins, the lymph needs our help to drain through it’s system. One way of doing it is through massage.

Please note that our massage chairs should not be used as a treatment for any condition. If you are having a lymph related condition please continue your treatment with your doctor.

The purpose of the lymph nodes is to drain the lymph by filtering it and purifying it. In addition, the lymph nodes produce lymphocytes which is a primary chemical of the immune system and destroy harmful substances.

By reabsorbing around 40% of the liquid content of the lymph as it passes through the lymph vessels, the lymph becomes thicker and becomes harder to pass through the lymph nodes. In fact, the lymph nodes are about 15 times more resistance to the vessels themselves. Lymphatic drainage is what helps the lymph to pass through the lymph nodes so that the health benefits can be realised.

Comprising of an intimate mesh-work, the lymph vessels are in both our skin and our organs. Known as the initial lymphatic, more than 70% of this network of cells is in and just under our skin. At just one cell thick, the initial lymphatic is very delicate.

Collagen and elastic fibres support the cells within the connective tissue and anchor them into place. When there is a build-up of fluid, the walls of the initial lymphatic are opened for the interstitial fluid to flow and move along the channel of cells.

It’s at this point that we start to know it as lymph. Up to 2 or 3 litres of lymph passes though the lymph system daily. Without the lymph glands filtering the lymph, there would be excess protein causing bodily swelling, which can be known as edema.

massage chair shiatsu

Weyron massage chairs are designed to help draining the lymphatic system by running continuous long strokes from waist to neck and also by squeezing with the airbags large parts

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