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“I Live In London. Where Can I Try A Massage Chair?”. Massage Chair Showroom Store Near London

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Finding a massage chair showroom to try quality massage chairs before you buy in London or around London can be daunting and that's because there is a lack of massage chair manufacturers that provide quality massage chairs at affordable prices. If you are lucky to find massage chair showrooms in London, the chances are that you end up paying top price for poor quality.

Fortunately Weyron massage chairs showroom just 50 miles north from London where you can try before you buy. That is less than an hour by car or 30 minutes by train from London Euston. What's more, if you come from London to try the massage chairs, we are offering free delivery and installation of your chosen massage chair in the room of your choice, including the removal of packaging if that's required.

The popularity of massage chairs is tied to the spike in their use of technology. The high-quality versions now offer a range of different massage types ranging from Shiatsu to Indian Head Massages. It’s also possible to set the amount of pressure used to your personal preference.

For the tradesman or office worker who spends the day with doing physical work or who must sit at a desk for up to 8 hours a day, a massage chair gives a welcome reprieve from the costly massage therapies available. There no longer a need to spend out week after week on getting muscles relieved and lower back pain resolved.

By installing a massage chair in their own home, workers, pensioners and housewives can enjoy the full positive effects of a high-quality massage for no extra cost beyond the initial investment, and no travel. Massages could be taken twice a day, if that’s how they like it, and therapists don’t need to intrude at home.

Massage chairs offer many health benefits

Massage chairs deliver many benefits ranging from lower blood pressure, an increase in endorphins which can help with pain relief, improve lymph flow and increase blood circulation.

The only challenging issue appears to be that those who do have a desire to buy a massage chair can have trouble with locating a showroom for hands-on buying and demonstrations. Even in the London area, which offers the most advanced retail opportunities in the UK, there is a distinct lack of massage chair showrooms.

It’s incredibly difficult to find showrooms for massage chairs anywhere in the UK, apart from the Weyron massage chair showroom. Located just 50 miles to the north of London, it’s actually within reach in just one hour’s drive or a 30-minute train ride from London Euston.

Word must be getting out about the Weyron showroom as people do come from long distances to try out our models. Once they do try our chairs, they realise that not only are they high quality massage chairs that offer a range of different automated massage therapies, but there really isn’t anything out there like them.

The quality is unmatched. We use innovative state of the art technology that is not used in most chairs. Our chairs are also built for the typical domestic environment and can be moved from room to room, though doorways and they also have wheels.

You can find how to get to our massage chair showroom by clicking here. Do check back often as we add more chairs to the range. If our showroom is too far, we can send you a massage chair for a trial period for free. In the unlikely event you don't like it, you only pay return shipping. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment or order your massage chair online.

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Call us on 08006190641  or email cs@weyron.co.uk to book a showroom appointment

                                                                                                               Warning for all UK customers


                                                                                       Do not buy a massage chair before you read this.

In the recent years, more and more foreign companies predominantly based in Latvia, Romania, France and Spain are selling cheap and low quality massage chairs to the UK market.


Unfortunately, the UK customers don't even know that the massage chairs are imported since the foreign companies have UK virtual address and UK virtual landline number.


Here we list some of the many disadvantages of unknowingly buying a massage chair from abroad:

-no after-sales support even if you are promised many years of warranty (many customers turning to us to repair their broken imported chairs)

-impossible to return if you don't find it as expected

-the imported massage chairs won't comply with UK fire regulations

-the imported massage chairs won't fit through the UK doors

-most of the times the heavy massage chair will be delivered on the pallet on your driveway with no option for installation

-you cannot complain anywhere if your purchase go terribly wrong

We recommend to all UK customers to be diligent and check if the sellers have a UK showroom. Even if you don't walk into showroom and simply buy online, knowing that the company you buying from has a brick and mortar showroom says one thousand words and certify that you aren't purchasing from dubious foreign sellers that are hiding their identities.

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