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Where to Buy A Massage Chair in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland?

Where to Buy A Massage Chair in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland?

In line with what’s available in the UK and the rest of Europe, it’s actually very difficult to source a high-quality massage chair in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.

Despite the large number of benefits that massage chairs deliver, finding a place to try one and make the purchase is another thing altogether if you’re a resident of Ireland.

Fortunately, Weyron massage chairs have recently announced free and fast delivery of massage chairs to any location in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland. Just as is the case with the UK and its mainland, the standard warranty operates in the same way for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

If you’ve been seeking a place to either experience a demonstration of a massage chair or even to just see one with your own eyes, Weyron could offer the answer. Weyron offers their delivery service, which is no mean feat when you consider the weight of a high quality and high functioning massage chair, and they also have a showroom just outside London.

Massage chairs are particularly popular in Japan

Although massage chairs have been slower to take off in this part of Europe, there’s no holding them back in Asia. In Japan, one out of every 20 houses have a massage chair installed. What makes them popular is the considerable health benefits offered by owning one.

In addition to decreasing blood pressure, the motion made by massage chairs can improve lymph flow, improve blood circulation and make a significant difference when it comes to pain relief.

Popular with everybody from office workers to manual labourers, massage chairs are now cutting edge in terms of their abilities. They can be set for preferences in terms of touch and of program.

Far more cost effective than booking regular massages with a human therapist, the massage chair is there for the owner before work, after work and at any time of the day or night. The provide stress relief, relaxation and a place to escape the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us are forced into.

If you’re considering investing in a massage chair to improve your wellbeing, you may want to browse our massage chair store.

We offer a range of chairs, most of them having been designed for use in the residential property. They can be moved through home doorways to be used in the room of your choice.

If you’re interested in buying one of our massage chairs, delivery to Dublin takes approximately six working day, delivery to Belfast takes approximately 5 working day. Contact us today if you’re located in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland and you’d like to discover our massage chairs.

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                                                                                                               Warning for all UK customers


                                                                                       Do not buy a massage chair before you read this.

In the recent years, more and more foreign companies predominantly based in Latvia, Romania, France and Spain are selling cheap and low quality massage chairs to the UK market.


Unfortunately, the UK customers don't even know that the massage chairs are imported since the foreign companies have UK virtual address and UK virtual landline number.


Here we list some of the many disadvantages of unknowingly buying a massage chair from abroad:

-no after-sales support even if you are promised many years of warranty (many customers turning to us to repair their broken imported chairs)

-impossible to return if you don't find it as expected

-the imported massage chairs won't comply with UK fire regulations

-the imported massage chairs won't fit through the UK doors

-most of the times the heavy massage chair will be delivered on the pallet on your driveway with no option for installation

-you cannot complain anywhere if your purchase go terribly wrong

We recommend to all UK customers to be diligent and check if the sellers have a UK showroom. Even if you don't walk into showroom and simply buy online, knowing that the company you buying from has a brick and mortar showroom says one thousand words and certify that you aren't purchasing from dubious foreign sellers that are hiding their identities.

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